Company Information

Corporate name Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc.
Established May 1, 2001
President Hiroshi Okabe (Mr.)
Capital 60 million yen
Employees 37
Address 10th Floor, Asahi Seimei Ebisu Bldg, 1-3-1 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku,
Tokyo, Japan 150-0013
TEL 03-5791-5083
FAX 03-5423-4101

Sri Lanka

Name of the Company Kaihatsu Management Consulting Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd.
Established April 25, 2012
Manager Tomoko Tamura (Ms.)
Address 12A, Bawa Place, Colombo 8, Sri Lanka
TEL +94-77-3034351
Since the establishment in 2012, KMC Lanka provides professional services to Japanese and Sri Lankan clients both in public and private sectors.
KMC Lanka implements multiple ODA studies and projects in Sri Lanka with knowledge on various sectors and long working experience. We also support Japanese companies starting business in Sri Lanka, through business consulting in general, interpretation/translation services, surveys/studies for required fields, etc.
KMC Lanka is proud of its broad network in Sri Lanka, rich experience accumulated through ODA projects, and hearty assistance by our staff fluent in Japanese and Sinhalese.
KMC Lanka is managed by a KMC’s Japanese consultant with 20 year experience in socio-economic development and business support in Sri Lanka.


Name of the Company KMC LAO Sole Co., Ltd.
Established July 15, 2015
Manager Akie Sato (Ms.)
Address No. 073, Haisok Village, Unit 19, Chanthaboury District,
Vientiane, Lao PDR
TEL +856-20-5885-7830
Lao P.D.R. receives strong attention as a new market for foreign investment.
In Auguest 2015, the special economic zone for Japanese companies was built in Pakse, southern part of Lao. The number of Japanese companies for agri-business has been increasinng particularly in Bolaven Plateau where agricultural potential is remarkably high in the world.
At the end of 2015, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) was launched, and Lao P.D.R. is expected to grow steadily by taking its advantage as the only inland country in the region.
KMC Lao provides consulting services to those who plan to start or expand business in Lao.
Our service ranges visit arrangement, interpretation/translation, socio-economic and market survey, implementation of pilot business, application to ODA’s fund, pre-departure training for the staff, capacity building of local staff, etc. according to the needs of Japanese companies.