Our Services

Kaihatsu Management Consulting, Inc. is a consulting firm that supports “Regional Development, Human Resource Development and Institutional Development” in developing countries.
We are engaged in projects all over the world. Our clients are ODA-related institutions such as JICA (Japan Overseas Cooperation Agency), and private companies and organizations that seek opportunities of starting or expanding their business in developing countries.

Our Clients

JICA and other ODA-related organizations
Companies and organizations intending to start or expand their business in developing countries


Company Structure

ODA Section

We provide multiple consulting services to developing countries through ODA Section, composed of:
“Rural Development Department”,
“Regional Industries Development Department”, and
“MSME Development Department”.

ODA Section >

Global Business Support through ODA

Private Business Support Section

“Global Business Support Department” provides consulting services to Japanese companies for the success of ttheir business in developing countries.

Private Business Support Section >


Service Contents

Our service covers multi-dimensional fields.
We meet various needs of our clients. It includes survey and analysis in developing countries, transfer of Japanese technologies to and capacity building of the people through ODA projects, market survey, business partner matching, and advice on business operation to Japanese companies.

Survey and Analysis -> Suggestion and Recommendation of Plan for Improvement
Project Implementation -> Transfer of Japanese Technologies to and Capacity Development for the People to become Self-Reliant
Support for Business Set-up and Expansion in Developing Countries -> Joint Business Operation with Japanese Companies