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Global Business Support Department

Global business support department is assisting private business set-up and operation in developing countries with working knowledge and experience gained through ODA projects.

We will provide the best solutions for your challenges such as:

– to know the demand of your products in the global market
– to explore the market of your products in developing coutries
– to train your staff within short time for overseas business set-up and expansion
– to assist local companies in your areas with available public funds and schemes for expanging their business to developing countries

Our strengths in global business support services

1.We provide hands-on supports for survey and business operation of companies based on our experience in ODA.

We support your business that would also contribute to support developing countries.

Market survey in developing countries.Survey on trade and investment opportunities and institutions Discussion and negotiation with governmental organizations in developing countries.Dialogue and awareness building with people in developing countries. 03_triangle_right02_triangle Support for business set-up and operation including BOP business planning and implementation in developing countries 03_triangle_right02_triangle Advisory service for business operation

2.We provide wide range of consulting services according to the needs of companies.

We customize our services based on the companies including market survey, business operation, introduction of ODA funds, etc.

Menu of our priveate business supports

3.Our global network and project experience cover the whole world.

We meet the needs of companies with our global network.
Our local subsidiaries are located in Sri Lanka and Lao P.D.R.
Countries of our services