Private Business
Support Section

Menu of Our Services for Business Setup and Expansion of A Company in Developing Countries

Our main service covers:
1) Consulting services
2) Trainings and seminars on human resource development
3) Advisory services
The followings are the examples:

Consulting service

1 Support for Business Set-up and Expansion in Developing Countries with the Use of Public Funds


2 Survey on Investment Opportunity in Developing Countries

3 Discussion and Negotiation with Government Organizations in Developing Countries

4 Market Survey and Analysis, Estimation of Future Demands for Product

5 BOP Business Promotion for the Poor

6 Socio-Economic Surveys in Rural Areas of Developing Countries

7 Awareness and Capacity Building of People in Developing Countries

8 Support for Verification Activity of Product and Technology at Site

9 Support for Introduction of Product or Public Relations of A Company in Developing Countries

10 Business Matching with Potential Local Partners

11 Institutional Strengthening of A Local Partner

12 Joint Operation of Project/Business

Trainings and Seminars on Human Resource Development

1 Staff Training on Business Development in Developing Countries

2 Seminars on Business Environment in Developing Countries

Advisory service

Regular Advisory Service on Business Development in Developing Countries