We have two internal taskforces to work on critical issues across the company.

Marketing Taskforce

The company has been engaged in marketing-related surveys and projects in developing countries, such as marketing of locally-specialized products, development of people-driven tourism, etc. As such, “assistance in marketing for developing countries” is a theme that we can see abundant cases of implementation, and it is becoming a pivot in the recent Japan’s and other countries’ ODA; however, its effectiveness is yet to be analyzed and improved.
For the company to fully equip with both empirical and theoretical strengths, the Marketing Taskforce is to facilitate cross-departmentally efforts to intensify our analytical knowledge and skills on “marketing”, through which we provide better recommendations and results to the beneficiaries in developing countries.


Human Resource Development

The Human Resource Development Taskforce is to facilitate career and capacity development of the company staff. Following the “Consultant Guideline” defined by ourselves, various activities such as team buildings, feedback sessions, leadership trainings, etc. are on going for further developing professional and human capacity of the staff. There is also a training program for junior consultants to become consultants with competence as required by the company.
Another important task is to implement semi-annual residential trainings. The whole staff participate to review and discuss on implemented and necessary actions for effective consulting services.
The Taskforce materializes “develop each other, and grow each other” policy of the company.