ODA Section

Strengths of Our ODA Section

Work Record with JICA

We are implementing a number of JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) projects for assisting developing countries to solve their key development issues.
We provide various supports for the solution of existing problems in developing countries.

We provide multiple consulting services linking three Departments.


1 Agricultural and Rural Development

Strengthing of agriculture sector, enhancement of livelihood of rural people, etc.


2 Regional Industries Development

Development of key industries in the region, including community-based tourism, one-village-one-product development, etc.

3 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development

Strengthening of mirco, small, and medium enterprises, support for MSME-related policy making

4 Marketing

Promotion of market-oriented agriculture and service sectors

5 Finance

Institutional development and strengthening of SME finance, agriculture finance, and microfinance in developing countries

6 Program and Project Evaluation

Enhancement of effectiveness of Japan’s international cooperation through evaluation of projects in various sectors

7 Training and Human Resource Development

Planning and implementation of trainings and seminars, facilitation at PCM workshops and PRA methods

8 Institutional and Organizational Development

Strengthening of government organizations, companies, farmers’ organizations, etc., support for institutionalization of related actions

9 Participatory Development

Promotion of citizen’s participation and citizen-driven projects in sustainable way